Farm-Folks Press Kit

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in Farm-Folks. Currently the game is still in the early stages of development and there aren't all that many screenshots to show, but we will do our best to provide as much as we can in this little kit.

Farm-Folks is a classic rpg farming simulator. Grow crops, raise livestock, build relationships, go adventuring and much more!

You have a run down old farm to clean up, it's full of rubble and mess! Clear your fields, plant your seeds, and nurture plants to life. Don't forget to take care of your animals! Feed them, milk your cows, collect chicken eggs, ride your llamas and more! Sell all of your resulting produce by dumping it in your produce bin, the distributor will collect it at the end of the day. If you're selling in bulk, you will need to load up your truck and transport it to the distributor's warehouse!

In your downtime, interact with townsfolk, build relationships or break them, why not get married while your at it? When you want some alone time, head off into the wilderness to explore, mine for ore, make friends with animals and much, much more in the up-coming rpg farming simulator, Farm-Folks!

Developer: Bisonbit (Based in Australia)





Pre-Alpha Release Date: March 2017

Completion Date: 2018

Price: TBA (pre-alpha is currently $9 USD)

Platform: Pc for first alpha release via Steam, then PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Players will be able to purchase Farm-folks alpha at a heavily discounted price, they will get all future updates for free, along with the final game release and a steam key.

Farm-Folks is available for purchase at

We are on Steam Greenlight: 

Current Core Features:

  • Farming system - clear your fields, till the soil, plant seasonal seeds, water daily and sell the resulting produce for profit
  • Take care of Animals - Feed them everyday, milk cows, collect chicken eggs and more!
  • Day/Night cycle - be sure to get some sleep!
  • Swimming (in a very basic form)

Core Features in the works:

  • Ride animals
  • Fishing
  • Complete new world, with bustling town and sprawling wilderness

Future Features:

  • Drive a range of unique vehicles, each with their own features and attachment slots
  • build relationships with the townsfolk by interacting with them and giving gifts
  • Mine for ore and precious treasure

These lists do not include all planned features, there are many more planned, we just like to keep some secrets!

Have any further questions? Send an email to the email listed above and I will get back to you in a jiffy! - Mitch.