Frequently Asked Questions

We are so thrilled to see so many of you guys interested in the game, we've been getting a ton of questions lately! Here are a bunch of frequently asked questions you've been throwing at us. If your question is not answered here, ask us on Discord!

Where can I buy Farm-Folks?

Farm-Folks pre-alpha is now available on PC right here! We aim to launch on Steam soon. In the future, we would love to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and the Nintendo Switch.

When can I vote on Steam Greenlight?

We've been greenlit!

How much will it cost?

The game will likely sell for around $20

Please add (this awesome feature) to Farm-Folks!

We take all of your ideas into consideration, get your butt on Discord and let us know in the suggestions channel!

Pfft, isn't this just a Stardew Valley clone?

To be fair, Harvest Moon came first! We are huge fans of both Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, but our intentions are not to simply recreate them in 3d. At its core, Farm-Folks is also a farming game, however we aim to expand Farm-Folks in another direction!


Game specific Questions

Can I choose my gender?

Absolutely. Not only that, we will be implementing a full character customization feature! Eventually, you will even be able to craft and buy your own clothing and accessories.

Will there be animals?

Yes! We have a HUGE list of animals to add!

(we're mostly excited for ride-able llamas)

Can I go fishing?

Oh you betchya!

Can I marry the same gender?

why not? love is love!

Can I have children with my lover?

Yes! not only that, we want to give them functionality. When your children grow older, they will help out on the farm!