Pre Alpha Update - Fishing, Caves, Processors and More!

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It’s time for the April Devblog!
Over the past month, our Alpha Access Tier backers have been kicking around the farm and playing our Pre-Alpha build. We hope everyone who’s given it a try has enjoyed themselves, and is looking forward to further updates.

Development-wise, we’ve had our fair share of setbacks over April. Because of this, we’ve pushed back Pests to May. However, there is still a crate-full of content coming your way!

So what is in the April build?

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It’s time to pick up a rod and cast your line, because Fishing is in! To get started, simply pick up the Fishing Rod (a new tool) outside your house and run to the nearest source of water. Different types of water will have different kinds of fish, so be sure to explore and try them all.

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Once you hook some tackle, you’ll start the fishing minigame. Try to match your rod’s position to that of the fish. Rare fish will have hard-to-follow movements, so keep your reflexes keen!

So you’ve landed your haul, now what? Raw fish can be processed into a variety of components, depending on the species. We’ll be expanding the uses for fish (and the stuff you can make from them) as we add more features, so look forward to using fish for crafting, cooking, quests and more.

Note: The Fishing animations are currently being reworked: We’ll be patching these in ASAP into the April build.

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Calling all cave explorers! With this update, the Softshoal Caves are officially open. Somewhere in the Pre-Alpha map, you’ll find an entrance leading underground. Within, you’ll find some Mineral Nodes, which you can crack open to snag some ore. I wonder what would happen if you tried to fish in the water...

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Most of the development time for this milestone went into creating art and planning how the cave network will thread under the island’s surface. Although there’s only a single cave in this build, we’ll be expanding it with future game updates. Future content such as quests and NPCs will of course be added to Caves as well.

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With this update, you’ll begin to get a taste for how item crafting and refinement will work in Farm Folks. Using the build tool and some wood, you’ll be able to construct processors which turn resources into refined goods.

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Items such as ore, fish, and poo can be refined with the right processor: For instance, the furnace will turn ore and coal into bars of that respective metal. The composter will turn poo into different kinds of fertiliser!

You’ll be able to access and use some basic processors with this update, but we’ll be expanding the network of items more in future updates.

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A feature that was hinted in the last roadmap update, the farmer’s log is an encyclopedia of knowledge that you’ll fill out over your adventures in Farm Folks. It’s designed to give those 100%’ers among you something to work towards as you explore.

Pressing (L) will open the log, which will show the kinds of fish you’ve caught. The more times you catch each fish, the more you’ll learn about it: How rare it is, where it can be found, and what bait it prefers. The log will eventually cover things like farming as well, to give achievement hunters plenty to sink their teeth into. We’ll be expanding its functionality as we go!

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Like building, but the farm’s too small for you? Why not take your skills out into the world! Using construction hotspots, you’ll be able to build bridges, planks and ladders to get to hard-to-reach places.

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Building these hotspots can cost significant resources, but once built they will remain standing forever! As we expand the playable area, expect to see more of these around the place. Look for the Signposts: They’ll indicate places where things can be constructed.

Other Updates

There’s a slew of smaller updates coming with the end-of-April build. To sum them all up quickly:

  • Crops can now become diseased! To cure them, buy some pesticide from Asheema.

  • Save functionality has been expanded to include tools, processors, crops, world pickups, construction hotspots, and the farmers log.

  • Tool upgrade costs have been adjusted: You’ll need bars to upgrade most tools now, so get to upgrading!

To see a full list of patch notes, see the #PATCH_NOTES channel on Discord:

In other news...

The long-awaited Kickstarter surveys have been sent out! Check those inboxes (and pesky spam folders) and if you haven’t received yours, please contact Mitch through Discord.

And if you’re reading this, then check the URL: You’re on our brand new website! We’ll be filling it out with stuff like Dev Blogs and other updates. It’s the new one-stop shop for everything Farm Folks

There’s a lot coming next month: Quests and Pests to start, not to mention you’ll finally be able to explore the streets of Port Meridia!

As always, we at Overgrown would like to say thank you to all of our amazing community members. We’re blown away with how supportive (and patient!) you’ve all been with the development of Farm Folks so far.

Your support doesn’t go unnoticed and it helps us make sure we’re creating a game we can all enjoy and love together, the future is full of smiles and fluffy chickens!

~ The Overgrown Team

Come join the community on Discord and talk to us developers while we work on Farm Folks!

Come join the community on Discord and talk to us developers while we work on Farm Folks!