It's dev blog 12!

Hey guys! we're back as always with our 12th dev blog. No super-duper exciting updates this week, but still some cool stuff to look at!

The new comfy bed!

The new comfy bed!


  • Added a node spawner that will spawn ore nodes each day based on weighted chance
  • Added a prototype copper node that spawns copper ore when you destroy it
  • Added a prototype copper ore item
  • Added a prototype copper ingot item
  • Added a prototype furnace that converts 5 copper ore into 1 copper ingot
  • Added the prototype furnace to the scene next to the player house
  • Added a prototype blacksmith that upgrades tools for  5 copper ingots and 5000 gold
Some various town clutter

Some various town clutter

  • Added a prototype cheese maker
  • Added a prototype Mayo Machine
  • Added the prototype cheese maker and mayo machine to the scene
  • Added a cheese item
  • Added a mayonnaise item
  • Added NPC gifting
  • Added NPC dialogue upon recieving a gift

interiors work-in-progress!

Here are the very first work-in-progress interior shots! They're obviously not super pretty just yet, but these shots give you a general idea for what the interiors of the town will feel like. Every building is enter-able, so far we have over 40 buildings planned! Each and every one of these will house unique characters, each with their own backstories, personalities and quests.

Work-in-progress blacksmith

Take a look at the blacksmith's shed, this is where he will be spending most of his time!

The blacksmith will sell you new tools and other knick-knacks, along with upgrading your existing ones!

We are unsure on what types of metals to use for the tool upgrades, if you have any ideas, jump on the Discord and let us know your suggestions!

As you can see here, the blacksmith shed can be snapped onto the side of the new building pieces. Ethan will be creating a bunch of cool character specific building pieces that will snap onto the new modular building pieces.

Eventually, there will also be some variation in these building pieces, like new roof tiles, windows, materials and so on!


This town should turn out to be pretty beautiful, be sure to join the Discord to share any of your ideas for town features and characters!

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See ya next week guys!