Welcome back guys to our weekly dev blog, we've got some cool stuff to share!

One of our new work in progress modular building pieces, more details below!

One of our new work in progress modular building pieces, more details below!


  • Added Donkey prefab to project
  • Added a character selection screen
  • Added ability to pick gender
  • Added hair selection
  • Added skin color selection
  • Added player naming
  • Added a system where NPCs can use your name dynamically in conversation
  • Added a little character creation environment scene where you can interact with the objects in the scene
  • Added spawning of character that is created
  • Changed debris to now rotate to the normal of the ground it spawns on
  • Fixed a bug where the barn was auto filling the feed boxes
  • Fixed an issue where characters were blocking seed mounds
  • Various other bug fixes

Modular Town Pieces!

Ethan is currently creating a whole bunch of modular building pieces that will be used to build the main town. There are currently 40+ buildings planned, so this system is definitely needed!

Above, you can see a bunch of work in progress roof pieces. We want the roofs to have some variety, there will likely be 4-5 tile colors scattered throughout the town, possibly even some buildings with a variation in tile types.

Because every building will be built using the same library of parts, Ethan will be creating some character specific pieces to create some unique variation. This may include unique shop fronts, shop signs, maybe Gilbert's store will have a leaky roof, the mayor's house will be a little fancier, the shaman lady's house might have some spookiness to it and so on.

We hope by next week we will have a bunch of awesome new pieces to construct some buildings and show off to you guys, maybe the town can start to take shape by then!

Check out our new fluffy clouds!

The image you see here is still a work in progress, but it gives you an idea to the atmosphere we are building for the game.

New hale bales!

New hale bales!

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