DEV BLOG 9 HAS ARRIVED, we've been greenlit!

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a lot of time this week to work on a lot of visuals, but we still got a bunch of stuff done!


The new donkey, you'll be able to ride this guy!

The new donkey, you'll be able to ride this guy!


  • Added a chair sitting ability
  • Cows have more random variance in their AI so they shouldn't stack as much
  • Added inventory splitting
  • Added better inventory stacking
  • Added new tree variants
  • Highlight Shim only appears on farm soil now
  • Tweaked camera settings again
  • Many bug fixes
  • released pre alpha 1.36
  • Started work on the new dialogue system

This weeks updates weren't that big, but we should see some huge changes next week!

Farm-Folks has been Greenlit on Steam!!

Thank you to all who voted for us on Steam greenlight, we made it through in 13 days!


We are excited to have the approval for a Steam release!

But before we launch on Steam, we would like to get a few features in the game, these are:

  • New dialogue system
  • The new donkey in game and ride-able
  • implement (most of) the new world!
  • add mining
  • add snow to the world during the winter season


These new features will likely be implemented within the next two weeks, as soon as they're in, we will launch on Steam!

Pre-alpha 1.36 just released to all of our Humble bundle and players, until we release on Steam, you've gotta update manually!

The new cauliflower crop in game!

The new cauliflower crop in game!

Congratulations to Logan for winning this weeks double giveaway!

If you follow us on Twitter, you might know that we have launched a weekly giveaway for our lucky newsletter subscribers. Every week, we are giving away a free copy of Farm-Folks! If you missed the cheeky pop-up on our website, you can still join the newsletter here:

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Next week, we are giving away 5 copies to a few random members of The Farm-Folks Discord community!

Be sure to join us on Discord so you can talk to us while we work, you can even share your thoughts and ideas for the game directly with us!

See ya next week guys!