Dev Blog 7 is Finally Here!

It's been two weeks since dev blog 6, we've been super busy!
In that time, we've released pre-alpha 1.32 and launched on Steam Green light!

A view of what it is like to play in the new placeholder world!

A view of what it is like to play in the new placeholder world!

This weeks updates are as follows:

  • Completely rebuilt pre-alpha island!
  • New lighting system
  • New terrain system
  • Added farming and debris zones instead of on a per-tile basis
  • Many objects are now preloaded so loading times should be better
  • Updated MANY systems to work with the new terrain and lighting systems
  • Added loads of commands for the command console
  • fixed issues with the UI
  • many, many bug fixes (the most we've done so far!)

We've launched on Steam Greenlight!


We are now in our 12th week of development and have now launched on Steam Greenlight!

Thank you to everyone over on the Discord server for all of your support and play testing, you really help us make a better game!

There is a VERY long road ahead of us, we hope you guys continue interacting with us, finding bugs and errors and keep on throwing your ideas and suggestions at us!

Over the next two weeks, Ethan will be creating a whole bunch of cool stuff, here is a small snippet to get you excited:

  • Mining system and clutter (tunnels, caves, rocks, carts etc)
  • General world clutter (hay bales, barrels, wooden crates, buckets and so on)
  • A ride-able donkey?!
  • A new character, put your guess in the Discord!
  • 3 new crops

And much more!

We've got some new pre-alpha gameplay for you guys!

We were unable to run the weekly giveaway last week, so this week we've done a double giveaway!

Congratulations to Mihael and Kyla for winning this weeks double giveaway!

If you follow us on Twitter, you might know that we have launched a weekly giveaway for our lucky newsletter subscribers. Every week, we are giving away a free copy of Farm-Folks! If you missed the cheeky pop-up on our website, you can still join the newsletter here:

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The Farm-Folks Discord community has grown to be HUGE now!

Be sure to join us on Discord so you can talk to us while we work, you can even share your thoughts and ideas for the game directly with us!

We have a Subreddit and a Facebook page, be sure to follow us! Don't forget Twitter too!

That concludes dev blog number seven!

Let's get greenlit within the next 7 days! That's possible, right? right?!

See ya next time guys!