We're back again with another weekly dev blog!

Hey, welcome back everyone! We've made some nice progress over the past week, alpha is getting closer and closer!

Quite a lot has been updated this week, there's not a lot of pretty stuff to show just yet, but next weeks update should be packed full of visual prettiness!


  • Created and implemented cows (they don't do much yet other than moo)
  • Added Gilbert the merchant, you can now buy season specific seeds from his market stand!
  • Lots of back end work with the saving/loading system
  • Added new UI
  • Added time of day system
  • Crops now pop out of the ground when picked and are sucked into the player
  • Fixed wacky tool animations
  • Added basic dialogue system
  • Loads of bug fixes and backend work
  • Added farm debris (logs, rocks and weeds)
Farm debris testing!

We've been working on quite a few new assets this week, not all are functional and in game just yet, but as you can see we have created some basic crap to fill your farm and cause you headaches: rocks, logs and weeds. You've got to clear rocks with your pickaxe, break logs with your axe, and cut weeds with your sickle. Rocks and logs will be used in the future for crafting, building new structures and expanding existing ones. Eventually we will add some larger varieties of debris that will require upgraded tools!

Congratulations to Manuel Cascallar, the first winner of our first weekly giveaway! 

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The Farm-Folks Discord community now has over 50 members, it's awesome to see so many people who want to play the game!

Be sure to join us on Discord so you can talk to us while we work, you can even share your thoughts and ideas for the game directly with us!

Welp, thanks for checking out our second dev blog, next week should be a doozy! See you next time and happy farming!