Hello again everyone, Dev Blog 5 is here!

This week is a real DOOZY of an update, we've been working on some new modular environment pieces, along with some new features and a truckload of bug fixes!

Expect to see an awesome new game world in the next update!

Some new seasonal crops - cauliflower, lettuce and wheat!

Some new seasonal crops - cauliflower, lettuce and wheat!

You guys have been giving us a ton of feedback on Discord after playing the game so far, thank you all for the continued support!

This weeks updates are as follows:

  • Added grass that can be cut down with a sickle
  • Added milk that can be gathered from cows once daily
  • Added eggs that can be gathered from chickens daily
  • You can now interact with cows and chickens (they give you animal products, plus a little heart)
  • Added a buyable chicken
  • Added a friendship system for animals (no effect yet)
  • Updated fence placement so you can now place it in grass/weeds
  • If you target a tile, but that tile has something on it, you target that object instead
  • Fixed an issue with the eggplant model
  • Fixed an issue where turnips had the wrong icon
Here are some new models for the eggs and milk, along with the new cliffs behind!

Here are some new models for the eggs and milk, along with the new cliffs behind!

  • Updated audio to play a new song every time you sleep
  • Fixed an issue where stalks of plants were slightly transparent
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't target items easily if other items were blocking them
  • Fixed an issue where the fence could be placed anywhere
  • Fixed an issue where the chop animation moved your character slightly forward
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.2f1
  • Added scroll wheel support for the hotbar
  • Added trees that can be chopped down
  • Setup doors to open away from you (most of the time)
  • Fixed an issue where the watering animation moved the character slightly forward
  • Updated crops to no longer disappear if not watered, instead they just don't grow
  • Fixed an issue where fences weren't updating the NavMesh (and were allowing cows to walk through them)
  • Updated controls for the UI
wind gif.gif
New modular cliffs, grass, wheat and wind animation!

New modular cliffs, grass, wheat and wind animation!

  • Added a pickaxe that the player can use to mine stone
  • Removed the ability to mine stone with the normal axe
  • Updated controls for the player
  • Fixed an issue where corn was regrowing when it wasn't supposed to be
  • Added more feedboxes to the barn
  • Fixed an issue where animals weren't eating out of the feedboxes
  • Fixed an issue where some crops would darken after being watered instead of just their dirt mounds

See! Told you it was a DOOZY!

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A new update for Farm-Folks alpha players will release within the next day!

That concludes dev blog five! The game is just starting to take shape visually, can you imagine what it will be in a couple of months from now?!