As many of you know, Alpha has launched! So many of of you are already playing Farm-Folks and giving us some great feedback over on Discord!

We've got quite a few exciting updates to come over the next few weeks.

cow screen.png

We're so excited that alpha has been well received over the past few days, thank you to all for the appreciation of the game!

As expected, you guys discovered a range of bugs, which we have now mostly fixed in the v1.17 update.


  • Updated player home
  • Added chicken coop
  • Added silo (soon we will ad some longer grass that you can harvest for animal feed to store in your silo)
  • Lighting system updates
  • Changed around some of the controls for 1.17
  • Added seasonal music
  • You can actually open/close doors now! ( before this, doors were always open)
  • Loads and loads of big fixes

The first glimpse of gameplay!

Want to Play?

We are excited to see you all playing! Thank you all for the support so far.

Alpha is currently available, if you'd like to play, click button below. Don't forget, upon purchase, you receive all weekly updates for free, along with the final game on release, and even a steam key once we get through green light!

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The Farm-Folks Discord community has quite a few members now, Thank you to everyone for your ideas and feedback!

Be sure to join us on Discord so you can talk to us while we work, you can even share your thoughts and ideas for the game directly with us!

That concludes dev blog four! Thank you to everyone for the continued support, next stop, Steam Greenlight!